Han Solo will die in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Just for the record. I DON’T want this to happen, but after hearing a lot of the rumours, and picking up my broken mind, this actually makes a lot of sense. The question is, why Han Solo will die in through The Force Awakens?

When you think about it, and whether you like it or not, the trilogy needs you to fall in love with new characters. How can this ever happen with Han Solo – the real hero of Star Wars? If you ask one guy, or boy, who they would want to be in Star Wars, it’s never Luke. It’s always Han, as demonstrated by Affleck and Wilson below.

To really make an impact, and to really take the audience away from the original trilogy which is so perfectly formed in my heart that I, just like every other fan, could recite every word from that trilogy you need to push boundaries, and it’s brilliant that JJ looks like he isn’t going to play this safe.

The new trilogy needs to engage you, to enrage you, to shock you. And with the death of Han the intensity of the story increases, the disdain for the Sith will jump and the compassion for Leia, Luke and most of all Chewie will draw you into the film. Obi-Wan taking a hit at the end of A New Hope did the same thing. Times this by a thousand and you’ve got one hell of an emotional and potentially iconic scene.

I’m hopeful that all the above characters will play smaller parts in the films, that the new actors can find their feet and become sci-fi icons of their own.

I know what you’re thinking – “Great Kid, now don’t get cocky”. It’s all speculation, but I think this would be a good option to shake things up. It’s needed.

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