justice league trailer
justice league trailer. Source: Business Insider.

The Justice League trailer has been released! We take you through everything it teaches us.

All aboard the hype train! Next stop, Justice League! Now I know I shouldn’t get myself too pumped for this movie, because Zack Snyder is more infamous for making kick-ass trailers than kick-ass movies. But fuck me, the new Justice League trailer looks good.

justice league trailer
Justice Team assemble! Source: NME.

Zack Snyder, you can unite the Justice League, you can unite Warner Brothers and you can definitely unite the small change I have left in my piggy bank so I can go watch this all-star powerhouse that’s going to be the Justice League.

If you haven’t seen the new trailer, don’t worry it doesn’t spoil anything. There are no big reveals like when Doomsday was shown off in the second Batman Vs Superman trailer (still trying to get over the trauma from that film, Jesus). It just shows off our leads. And boy, do the leads look kick-ass.

I honestly feel ashamed even trying to describe the Justice League trailer to you, because it does the film more justice (ha ha, Justice) than I ever could. But long story short, the compilation of the heavy base rock and roll tracks with our heroes doing their thing just gets me so damn excited.

Who are the Justice League characters?

Jason Momoa

Let me start off with Jason Momoa. For those who don’t know, he is a beast, and is handing back the shit that Aquaman’s been getting for years. Throughout his acting career, Jason Mamoa has just been getting progressively ‘bigger’, starting off in Stargate Atlantis as Ronon Dex, then in Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo, and now as Arthur Curry.

You know it’s a good thing they brought Jason Momoa in because anyone else they would have gotten to play Aquaman would have just been laughable. His seamless rocking of his gold-plated warrior armour, along with his five-pronged trident makes him seem so bloody intimidating.

If you don’t think that a flying Aquaman yelling ‘YEAH’ while thrusting his trident into some aliens is epic as hell, then I think you should Arthur Scurry your way out of here. And no I am not apologising for that pun, it’s beautiful.


Moving on from the obsession that is my ‘Sun and Stars’, we have Cyborg (Ray Fisher); flying around, firing sonic blasts and not making Cyborg look plain ridiculous. The special effects team honestly could have made Cyborg look a lot worse. Hell, they could have modelled his cybernetic component off his original appearance in Teen Titans, crotch bulge and all.

justice league trailer
Battle of the bulge. Source: Nerdist.

The Flash

The trailer also has the Flash (Ezra Miller), running. Now I know that running is all that Barry Allen really does, but the trailer simply shows-off how beyond human he really is – how flawless and elegant his movements are, in comparison to my clumsy-ass sprinting to the door when the pizza guy arrives.


We have Wonder-Woman (Gal Gadot) – and if you’ve seen Batman Vs Superman, then I really don’t need to elaborate. Much like that Doomsday of a film, this trailer shows us Diane Prince stealing every scene. And it doesn’t take much to realise why that is. She can literally go toe-to-toe with Superman without needing kryptonite. So what makes you think that the rest of the Justice League could take her on or out?


And then there’s Batman (Ben ‘Batfleck’ Affleck). I have nothing to say here. He’s Batman.

justice league trailer
Batman in the new Justice League trailer. Source: Digital Spy.

And the rest of the Justice League cast…

Other special mentions go to Mera (Amber Heard), the Queen of Atlantis, in Atlantis! How fucking sick is that! We’re going to actually see Atlantis! Take that Marvel – that’s what you get for trying to stay grounded and realistic!

And then we have a full on Amazonian Army fighting against an alien invasion!

And then we have J.K. Simmons as James Gordon!

But then there’s Lois, Amy Adams, Lane… now I know that she’s the key to bring back Supes… but why!? Does Amy Adams have some kind of contract with Warner Brothers saying that she has to have some kind of major role in every DC movie? Because I honestly can’t imagine why such a nothing character gets such Deus Ex Machina roles.

For a full Justice League cast and character breakdown, you can follow this magical hyperlink.

In any case, shut up and get on board the hype train. And to Zack Snyder, I only have one last thing to say, which is in the convenient form of this meme!

justice league trailer
Do it. Source: Knowyourmeme.

You can watch the full Justice League trailer here:

Justice League is set to hit theatres November 2017.

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