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Don West: Lost in Space. Movies in Space Source: New Line Cinemas

With sci-fi movies comes some the best sci-fi technology

You can probably tell from the posts I focus on. It always fascinates me that if we can put it in films, and can imagine it, why isn’t someone building it right now? Science fiction precedes science fact right?

Floating computer screens – Minority Report

Minority Report computer

Surely this one is just around the corner anyway, but this scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise (I don’t remember his characters name, because he plays the same person in everything) pulls and pushes the different browser windows around, stretches the screen, and clicks and activates different screens with his hands. I’m tapping away on my Mac right now thinking it would be rather nice to be tapping away on air instead.

Don West’s armor – Lost in Space

I’m going to admit something that may lose me a few sci-fi fan points. I didn’t totally hate this movie. There, I said it. In fact, I thought there were some really interesting aspects that saved it. The spiders on the Proteus provided a tense moment, and as a 12 year old it was a memorable moment, and Don West, after running away a little bit Don pulls out “a million bucks worth of weaponry“, launching the armor from a suitcase, or something, onto his face as per the featured image in this article.

Too bad the acting was awful, script was cliche, and the second most annoying CGI character after Jar Jar Binks was introduced to the world. Hell, the movie was so bad nobody is fussed about the entire thing being on Youtube here. Cut to 58:30 for the cool spider bit and Joey’s, erm, I mean Don’s best scene.

The sonic shower – Star Trek Voyager

Ah B’lanna Torres, I do miss your fiery attitude, and I always liked that ended up with a guy called Tom. In Voyager there was a particular B’lanna focused episode where she, unfortunately, needed a pretty intense shower. So, let’s forget about B’lanna, and focus on the shower for a bit. The water rather than dripping down floated around rapidly out of shower points on the walls, hammering into you stripping the dirt away. What a fantastic idea huh? Water in droplets just swirling around you, no grimy shower head, and I am sure if you wanted you could drop a few bits of shower gel mixed in.

The Lightsaber – Star Wars


Easy one, but when you think about it kind of odd. In such a futuristic environment a hand to hand weapon doesn’t really make sense, but as Obi Wan says, using a blaster is pretty uncivilised. Pretty useful when you need to slice through something as the Lightsaber seems to cut through anything. In fact, the only thing I have seen that’s stood up to a Lightsaber is another Lightsaber. An elegant weapon

Hal – 2001 A space Odyssey

Okay, so this actually already exists, at least a non maniacal version. We (well, not me, but rich people) have tools that, through AI, adjust their home. This can be the lighting, heating, turning on the TV etc etc, but could we take one step further and have conversations with our home just as Jon did with Hal (didn’t work out too well). In my head I am picturing a Cortana style person, wandering around optimising my flat for me. Which brings me onto Cortana.

Cortana – Halo


Ah, Cortana. See, what appeals to me about Cortana is that she’s so nice and entertaining, and well, humanlike, only in John 117’s (Master Chief’s) head. Personally I think one of the worst feelings we go through is loneliness. And what a solution. An AI that you can have a friendship with, a bond, and a symbiotic relationship. Now this was presented really badly in the film “Her” which showed what would happen if we started dating technology. Interesting, but miserable concept. Friends with technology however is a far more fun idea, and Cortana is the perfect example of this.

TARS – Interstellar

A bit like Cortana, TARS was a good AI, something that’s become more and more common in Sci-fi. We’re seeing hostile, faulty AI decreasing. In fact it’s gone, done to death. Elon Musk has officially signed the treaty or whatever it was to prevent robots taking over so it’s not going to happen. TARS was a cool machine, with a sense of humour, and you could optimise him to your own preference. He also moved remarkable well for a rectangle. A useful buddy to have around.

Mockingjay – Board


Speaking of writing with a computer, how cool is the board in Haymitch casually writes with a pen and the writing converts itself into digital. Nice, and so helpful for guys like me with bad handwriting.

Sorry guys, hoverboards are out. I’m not a fan of boarding or skating in any scenario so it’s not right for me to talk about, even if I can see the appeal. The list of tech I could have included here is pretty endless, but I reckon here are a few that might be gems.

What’s your preferred sci-fi tech of choice? Loads to choose from, but let us know on FB and we will come back to you.

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